What kind of teacher am I? The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) can help you answer this!

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) is a free test that helps teachers clarify their teaching beliefs and develop their philosophy of teaching. I took it today, and here are my results.


Transmission: 36 
Apprenticeship: 45 
Developmental: 44 
Social Reform:42

My highest scores are in Apprenticeship and Nurturing. According to the explanation on the TPI website, teachers who score high in these categories believe that:

  • Effective teaching assumes that long-term, hard, persistent effort to achieve comes from the heart, not the head.
  • Good teachers are highly skilled practitioners of what they teach.
  • Good teachers know what their learners can do on their own and where they need guidance and direction; they engage learners within their ‘zone of development’.

Well, this is true for me! I am going to write about my teaching philosophy soon, and this is going to be helpful.


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