About Me and My Blog


I am an English teacher/researcher from Iran and currently based in Japan. I hold a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), both from Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, and a PhD in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) from Osaka University, Japan.

Here I share what I personally find interesting and useful in the world of ELT (English Language Teaching), particularly CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) with the focus on Online Course Design and Mixed, Augmented, and Virtual Realities (MAVR). I have shifted my research focus to Social Justice Education and Equity Studies in Education (SESE), so you can find blogposts on this topic as well.

Living outside Iran made me an activist trying to dispel stereotypes about my identity, and change negative images associated with Iranian people by actively giving talks about the real Iran and the Iranian people behind the news at universities, events, and conferences, and by blogging about the Iranian identity at https://beyondyourstereotypes.wordpress.com/.

My Digital Academic Portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/parisamehran



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