At last, today, I could send a membership renewal reminder to Osaka JALT members using MailChimp! As I was exploring the new platform, and googling as usual, I found this tutorial How the Heck Do You Use MailChimp?. The website, in general, has great resources for online entrepreneurs.




What kind of teacher am I? The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) can help you answer this!

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) is a free test that helps teachers clarify their teaching beliefs and develop their philosophy of teaching. I took it today, and here are my results.


Transmission: 36 
Apprenticeship: 45 
Developmental: 44 
Social Reform:42

My highest scores are in Apprenticeship and Nurturing. According to the explanation on the TPI website, teachers who score high in these categories believe that:

  • Effective teaching assumes that long-term, hard, persistent effort to achieve comes from the heart, not the head.
  • Good teachers are highly skilled practitioners of what they teach.
  • Good teachers know what their learners can do on their own and where they need guidance and direction; they engage learners within their ‘zone of development’.

Well, this is true for me! I am going to write about my teaching philosophy soon, and this is going to be helpful.